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The Alchemy of Transformational Witchcraft And Enchanted Fashion

About Cecilia Melchor

Transmuting Humans Through Transformational Witchcraft

Who is

Cecilia Melchor?

Hey love, my name is Cecilia and I'm a queer witch and fashion designer who's focused on integrating transformational witchcraft and fashion through the power of alchemy! After working across many of the arts and sciences I've found myself particularly drawn to human transformation and self actualization. 

My life's mission has become dedicated to helping people obtain a state of "obrous", which I define as someone who becomes self actualized by a transmutational mindset, inner healing, and connection to ones future self.

By liberating and aligning our mind, body, and spirit, we're able to become THE BEST VERSIONS OF OURSELVES and live in our POWER. By freeing ourselves of our self imposed limitations, we can live our dream lives!

Thanks for taking the time to listen to my message!!

Much love,

Cecilia Melchor 🖤

Some Photos of Me!! 

nice-m-nshuti-V2Mr47xl7p8-unsplash jpg
dalton-smith-fbx8AbpAVqU-unsplash jpg
tanya-dusett-csgQtZyJEEU-unsplash jpg

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